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A phalanx of migrant red storks have been spotted across the West Midlands, they aim to raise awareness of subjects surrounding migration and settlement in the UK.

As you may or may not be aware each spring the common stork migrates from the East African Savannah towards Southern, Central and Eastern Europe. Many people across mainland Europe welcome these multi-continental migrants each year - being the bearers of good luck, life, health and vitality. Once nested, pairs of storks will return for the same nest every year, for the rest of their life. Interestingly Storks have not nested in the UK for over 600 years, until in 2014 when a pair found their way to Great Yarmouth in the UK and are now starting to settle in the UK in small numbers. 
Proposal I am offering individuals, venues and businesses across the West Midlands the chance to host a migrant stork sculpture for the spring period of 2018 (March to June) to be located on an external part of your building or grounds, to give the …